Partners & Networks

Borg & Co. collaborates with experts from many companies to add value for clients. Our key partners and networks include:

Aktea Energy, Specialists in indoor air quality and energy efficiency in buildings.

AEE Intec, Specialists in solar thermal energy and low-energy solutions in industry.

Aton Teknikkonsult, Specialists in energy efficiency in buildings, indoor climate and ventilation.

Björkman & Mitchell, Graphic design, visual and design strategies, communications.

Conway & Silver, Leading expert in LED technology and bulb technology. She is a former professor at the Lighting Research Center in Troy, U.S.,and is now an independent consultant.

Colliberty, Web design and solutions.

Eco'Diagnostic, Expertise in corporate finance, strategy, industrial energy efficiency and multiple energy benefits.

Ecofys, Consultancy providing effective climate and energy solutions.

European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee): Nils Borg is the contracted Executive Director of eceee, and Borg & Co manages the Secretariat and all eceee projects.

Energieffektiviseringsföretagen: A Swedish organisation of companies promoting energy efficient products and services. 

Fourfact, Policy Analyst, a leading international expert on technology procurement and introduction of new energy technologies. Advisor of the IEA Implementing Agreement for Demand Side Management, and runs his private consultanting firm.

Fraunhofer ISI, Analyzes the scientific, economic, social and political origins and market potentials of innovative technological developments and their impacts on the economy, state and society. The inter-disciplinary teams focus on emerging technologies, industrial and service innovations, energy policy and energy systems, sustainability and infrastructure systems, innovation and technology management and foresight, policy and regions as well as regulation.

Fraunhofer ISE, A leading organisation for applied research, Fraunhofer ISE promotes development of renewable energy technologies and their integration into the existing energy infrastructure at an international level. 

Hampus Media, web solutions, database solutions.

KanEnergi, Swedish company focusing on the diffusion of new energy technologies, renewable energy and EU projects.

N14 Energy, UK-based company specialising in advanced lighting technologies and efficiency lighting policies in the EU and internationally

Spang Media, Website design and development.