Focus areas

Executive leadership, conference and events planning. Nils Borg has led eceee as Executive Director since 2001, and Borg & Co has organised over 20 major conferences and events to promote advancement of energy efficiency in Europe and globally. Reference projects include:

Laws and directives. We are involved in the implementation of the Energy Services Directive and the Ecodesign Directive, assisting agencies and organizations with policy-related investigations, proposals, communications and expertise. Reference projects include:

Communications and dissemination. With our graphic design and website development partners, we plan and implement communication and dissemination strategies/platforms. Reference projects include:

Lighting. We organize international conferences, training and provide expertise on energy-efficient lighting policies and quality products. Reference projects include:

International networks. We administer the Secretariat and production of conferences for The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee), and manage the work of nine member countries through the IEA 4E Solid State Lighting Annex. Our widespread, international network includes:

Procurement. We assess opportunities for efficiency improvement (e.g., lighting), develop technology specifications, and conduct training in public procurement. Our work also supports technology (sometimes termed innovation) procurement, defined as stimulating development of new products/services that are not currently available in the market. We formulate design competitions, innovative specifications, and coordinate and lead such projects. Reference projects include:

Export services to USA/Canada. Our experience working with US and Canadian energy efficiency programme administrators (utilities, public energy agencies) and knowledge of market conditions positions us to support Swedish companies who wish to expand export opportunities in North America.