Our work in Sweden, the EU, and internationally is grounded in deep knowledge of market and policy conditions, and an international network of energy efficiency stakeholders and experts. Core work areas include: executive leadership; conference and event management; project coordination and management; technology and public procurement; policy/programme research, analysis, and synthesis; strategic communication and dissemination.

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Current Projects


eceee representative in the EU, as well as a lighting expert for the Market Transformation Programme and the coordination of the Swedish national position.

eceee general manager and secretariat

The European non-profit organization, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee). Nils Borg is contracted as the Executive Director and the eceee Secretariat is located in Borg & Co's premises.

eceee Summer Study

Project management and organization of the eceee Summer Study. Production and publication of papers.


TrustEE is a three-year project (2016-2019) financed by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The vision is to enable and stimulate implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and projects in industry across Europe.

Behavioral Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency (BRISKEE)

BRISKEE is a Horizon 2020 project that will provide input to the design and evaluation of energy efficiency policy in the EU residential sector.

International Energy Agency 4E Solid State Lighting Annex

Launched in July 2010, the IEA 4E SSL Annex is a joint initiative of nine countries working together to address common challenges with SSL technologies. The Annex member countries understand there are significant advantages in engaging in an international collaboration and joint activities relating to SSL performance and quality.

Energy Labelling

Creation of content and brochure recognising over 20 years of energy labelling in Europe (EU Labelling Directive). Project will illuminate the impacts of energy labelling and Ecodesign (minimum energy performance standards) in Sweden and internationally, as well as stakeholder perspectives (e.g., product distributors).

SEAD Awards

Borg & Co is the SEAD (Super-Efficient Equipment and Deployment) project manager coordinating and distributing prizes for the most energy efficient motor, television, and lighting products in Europe and other regions.

Export services

Our customised services can help your company identify partners and increase exports of energy efficient products to the USA or Canada. Our reports can identify available financial/technical support, and navigate applicable national or local energy standards, labeling and regulations.

Energy Efficiency Watch

Coordination of a network of eceee's members, to gather and disseminate information on national energy efficiency plans in the EU (NEEAPs).

Completed Projects

Lighting (Swedish Energy Agency)

Development of lighting app and Swedish Energy Agency's lighting webpages. Management of outdoor lighting controls technical procurement and public buyer's group.

United Nations Environmental Programme En.lighten

Borg & Co produced two animated video tutorials that describe the benefits of monitoring, verification and enforcement programmes in the context of lighting policies. These resources are available through the UNEP En.lighten website.

Atlete II

eceee's representative in Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) Atlete II, a project which explored the observance of the EU Ecodesign and Energy Labeling Directives for clothes washers.

Strategy for public procurement

An action plan and strategy for public procurement in Sweden and how it can become more energy efficient.

The Swedish Instrument for Ecologically Sustainable Procurement

Investigations for the revision of the Environmental Management Council's procurement criteria for the public sector.

Strategy for implementation of the Energy Service Directive

Strategy for energy efficient public procurement for Sweden's implementation of the Energy Services Directive.

Energy saving tips

Borg & Co. has assisted IKEA and WWF with expertise in the development of campaign materials.

Efficient Lighting Inititiative (ELI)

International coordination of financing and marketing of the Efficient Lighting Initiative.

The Swedish Consumer Agency's energy polls

Synthesis of the Swedish Consumer Energy Agency's household energy use surveys.

Public procurement training

Training in energy efficient procurement for public purchasers with a view to increase the proportion of purchases of energy efficient products.

EU energy labelling information project

Project management and print production in connection with the dissemination of information on EU energy labels in Sweden.

Swedish web portal for IEA

The main objective of IEA Sverige.org (completed) is to provide Swedish stakeholders with an overview and better access to information about the IEA program.

PICO Light

Project management for the Swedish part of the PICO-Light project, with the aim of developing internal party financing in the public sector.

Right Light

International conference series that addresses energy efficient lighting. Procurement and construction of double-glazed façade in GlashusEtt in Hammarby Sjöstad.

Double-glazed facade technical procurement

Procurement and performance of double-glazed facade for Glashusett in Hammarby sjöstad.

Emission trading

Evaluation of the Swedish allocation plan for emission allowances.


International study of public procurement, with proposals for policies and requirements for standards.

International energy efficient lighting

Project management and editorial work for international organizations and journals for energy efficient lighting. Technology procurement of environmentally friendly street lighting in Stockholm's local investment program (LIP).

Teknikupphandling gatuarmaturer

Teknikupphandling av miljöanpassade gaturarmaturer inom Stockholms lokala investeringsprogram (LIP).