Borg & Co has produced many communication products including reports, articles, brochures, websites, animated videos/storyboards etc. The following is a selection of these resources.

Broschyrer och tidskrifter

Internal energy services in the public sector, Stockholm, 2005 (pico_broschyr_tryck.pdf)

Egna rapporter och skrifter

Energy efficiency in the public sector: Product Procurement and efficiency of the building stock in Sweden and selected countries, 2008 (eneff_isvoffsektor-slutrapport.pdf)

Consumer Agency reports 1991-2006: selected issues related to energy consumption, 2007 (kov1991-2006slutrapport-19_mars.doc)

PROST, Public Procurement of Energy Efficient Technologies, 2003 (prost_fullreport.pdf)

Dare to be the best! Procurement of energy efficient products in the Swedish public sector, No. 00-07-3096, 2008 (dnr_00-07-3096_enoffupp-rapport_040310_slut.doc)

Cool people: Wearable and personal comfort cooling products that contribute to an overall cooling strategy (cool-people-wearables-for-comfort-eedal_2017.pdf)